Minecraft 1.17 Caves And Cliffs Update

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update

If you are new to Kilocraft make sure to join our discord server, to stay up to date with all changes in our server. Minecraft 1.17 snapshots are around the corner and Kilocraft will update as soon as they release! The Caves And Cliffs Update will bring a lot of new features. Mountains (which the community voted for) will add snowier snow, goats, and a revamped world generation. It will also add a lot of new features to caves, such as biomes including Lush Caves, Mesh Caves, Dripstone Caves, and the Deep Dark, which will also contain a new mob called Warden, which is the first blind mod in Minecraft and will only be able to track your position with a new system called vibration detection. The vibration system is also used by a new block called Sculk Sensor, which has the potential for wireless redstone. In this year Minecon, the community once again had the chance to vote for a mob that would make it into the game. The Glowsquid was able to push through against the moobloom and the iceologer. Its usage is currently unknown. With the new caves, there will also be two new resources, which can be found underground. Copper is a new ore, which doesn’t spawn like the other ores. It spawns in ore veins and can be used to craft lightning rods and a telescope. The lightning rod will allow you to protect your wooden buildings from lightning strikes. The telescope will add a zoom similar to optifine, but it will be limited to a small ellipse.

Future Plans for Minecraft 1.17

The world, which was created when the first 1.15 snapshots started releasing will get completely reset.  Keep inventory will get disabled, to make the game more challenging / vanilla-like. Our core and claim mod will get a complete rewrite to ensure they are user-friendly and have a clean codebase.

World download

When the first Minecraft 1.17 releases, a download for the current world will be available (the expected size is ~100 GB, compromised)