Minecraft 1.18 Survival Server

Minecraft 1.18 Survival Server (IP: 50kilo.org)

Minecraft 1.18 Survival Cave Base

Kilocraft is Minecraft 1.18 Survival Server, attempting to stay as close to vanilla as possible, with a few tweaks in place to maintain a fun environment!

Server IP: 50kilo.org

Version: 1.18 snapshots

Minecraft 1.17 Survival Server Banner
Minecraft 1.18 Survival Server Banner

Minecraft 1.18 Survival Server

When you start out you will receive a bit of starter gear (leather armor + stone tools), so you have a chance in case you join during the night. To ensure everyone has enough space to build whatever they want, everyone is spread across the map randomly when joining (If you want to play with your friends, you can /tpa to teleport to them). When you start building your base we recommend /claim -ing it to ensure it won’t get griefed. We have made a few other tweaks to the game, which you can read about here.

Rank system

We have a ranking system that is based on a combination of playtime and votes, to ensure players are actually active and supporting the server! When you start out your rank will be guest, but over time you will be able to rank up to 5 more ranks. These ranks will give you several cosmetical features, but also access to more homes and claims.

Minecraft 1.17 Survival Server Rankinfo


The Kilocraft server started during the 1.11 snapshots and has ever since been running on the most recent snapshot version. Since then we have grown and improved a lot, we have listened to many features requested by the community and tried to come closer to vanilla. We also have a discord.gg/uzuQEe9 with more than 2000 members!

Minecraft 1.17 Survival Server Release
Minecraft player list after 1.17 release

Plugins on snapshots?

In contrast to 99% of Minecraft servers Kilocraft is not running on spigot or similar server software, but on a new modding platform (fabric). But don’t fear, the software only runs on the server, you don’t need to install anything to join.


To ensure stable performance, we are running on one of the best available CPU’s i9900k, and use 64GB ram. We are also using a couple of fabric performance mods to improve performance even more!

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  1. Make an official forums with forums accout and stuff. please. like a part where u can apply 4 staff/ appeal for a ban/ talk with others if you dont have discord.


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