Kiloessentials is the core mod of Kilocraft, aiming to provide all kinds of essential features, such as /home, /tpa, /warp and has been actively worked on for almost one year by ItsIlya, with the help of MCrafterzz, GiantNuker, i509VCB, DrexHD, and Hansi123.


ItsOurs is a claiming mod, aiming to provide players with a quick and easy way to protect their builds and adjust the behaviour inside their areas to their, it was found by GiantNuker, maintained by ItsIya and is now under active development by DrexHD.


Lithium is a free and open-source Minecraft mod (under GNU LGPLv3) which works to optimize many areas of the game in order to provide better overall performance. It works on both the client and server, and doesn’t require the mod to be installed on both sides.

C^2M-Engine, or C2ME for short, is a Fabric mod designed to improve the performance of chunk generation, I/O, and loading. This is done by taking advantage of multiple CPU cores in parallel

Starlight Rewrites the light engine to fix lighting performance and lighting errors.