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Custom Donation

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    You want a custom rank/role?

Server Booster

$ 5 per month
  • Be a server booster!

  • Custom Booster tag.
    Get your own Emoji and Custom role on the server!


5 per month
  • In-game rank

  • Access to 10 Homes.
    Access to your '/enderchest' or '/ec'.
    Standout with a custom nickname!
    Magical Particles!
    (Access to '/mp')


10 per month
  • in-game rank

  • *All the Donator Features

  • Receive 5000 Extra claim blocks upon purchase!
    Receive 2 credits instead of 1 per vote.
    +5 Homes (15 Homes)
    Use Text Formats everywhere! (Signs, chat, nickname and anvil)