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You want to start playing quickly? Are these rules too long to start with? Click here to go to QuickRules for a shorter but less detailed version of the rules.

By playing on the server, you agree to play by the rules. In case you have any issues or doubts related to the rules, do not hesitate to ask the staff about them!

General discord rules


We aim to be a server appropriate for anyone at any age. As such, talking about topics that might be considered 18+ is NOT allowed.
* Swearing to or at someone in an offensive manner is not allowed. Please just try to be respectful and polite. 


 The following is NOT allowed when using in-game chat or any other mean of in-game communication (eg. signs):    
  * Typing in any other language than English (messages sent via PM/tell/msg are exempt from this restriction),
  * Flooding with messages that are: repeated, filled with excessive punctuation, big letters or unnecessary spacing,
  * Advertising other servers, own websites/services and YouTube/Twitch channels,
  * Disrespecting, taunting, arguing and/or insulting players and staff members.
  * Starting and participating in any kind of religious or political discussion. 


4. Donating is greatly appreciated, but being a donator does not exempt you from obeying the rules, and does not grant you any more privileges outside of donator perks.
* Threatening to charge your money back upon being punished will get you instantly banned. Indefinitely.
* Issuing a chargeback without letting the owner know prior to it will get you permanently banned.


Breaking the rules stated on each server will result in being issued either a warning, a temporary-ban or a permanent-ban. This punishment is up to the staff handling the incident. Avoiding the ban by using a different account, or talking in the #survival-chat channel while your account is muted or banned is NOT allowed, and will get you permanently banned on all accounts.


Use the discord channels for their intended purpose only. Any non channel specific discussion may result in a warning or a tempban from the server.


Staff can and will issue punishments for incidents that may or may not be directly outlined in these rules, but are seen as a violation of "common sense", "fair play", or anything deemed unacceptable on the server and in the chat rooms.


Staff are not responsible for your negligence. If something is posted in announcements or rules, it's your responsibility to read and understand.
Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking rules, using bugs, or getting yourself into a situation that was stated in said channels

Gameplay rules (Snapshot survival)



Punishments are made as staff members see suitable, suitable to the severity of the violation. Minor offences will not result in a discord ban, meaning you will be able to appeal these offences if you have proof beyond reasonable doubt, in the appeals channels. 



All kinds of hacking, cheating and other similar ways of getting an unfair advantage over other players are forbidden. This includes using any gameplay-affecting macros and auto-clickers, as well as using a system or device, in or out of game, to trick, or bypass being triggered as afk, for the purpose of farming items, increasing play time, and/or collecting playtime rewards (fish farms, autoclickers or afk pools) 



Griefing and Stealing from other players is not punishable on the snapshot server. Because of this we have a claiming system to protect your base and items. Please make use of it. If you give someone perms to your claim and they steal or grief from you, Staff members will not return any items that were stolen, nor will they help you rebuild your base if was griefed in this manner. Any unclaimed base is free to be collected as resources. Ask staff if you are unsure how to claim. 



Bugs, and Glitches may happen. Items may get lost, for example because of a server crash or because of bugs. Staff members will not return you any items lost because of technical problems; it is very hard to validate these claims and is not practical.


PvP (Player vs Player)

Killing other players is allowed to an extend. Keep the game fun, no spawn killing, or trash talking. PVP will be a disable-able option in claims. (coming Soon) 



It is against the rules to knowingly claim/build at a location that is within fifty (50) blocks in any direction of a previously built or developed claim without the direct permission of the claim owner 

Treat every word as universally and broad as possible and you will be fine. If you think something might be against the rules, ask before doing.

"I didn't know it was against the rules" is not an excuse to get you unbanned

Ask Staff If You Need Help Interpreting These Rules