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It's Braydon, not Brandon

Administrator Team

Artist, Weeb and the Devil.
'Speak of the devil and she shall appear'

One of the servers resident fish. I love to have fun and Ill make sure everyone else is having fun too! 

50% Wood, 50% Daddy, 100% Badmin'

*Also that's my cat ^^

Developer Team

Those who code dreams into reality

Just a guy that develops things for fun
some call me cod because of my username, but i don't like it
*Also i'm the first one to use a Avatar as my PFP

The ancient dev that has been been part of the server from the start. I'm still here 2 years later! Currently working on KiloEssentials

One of the newest devs. Creator of the Permissions, and Claiming mods (and many others unrelated to KC)


Gamer, photographer and tech enthusiast. Be nice and I will be your friend. Break the rules and you will be outfoxed. 

Fun person to be around,and loves helping other players. 


Those who turn dreams into reality

Builder who make homeless people happy!

Ex-Staff Members

Ex-Devadmin, tends to play Vivecraft and occasionally modpacks, but mostly plays TF2 these days.

The one and only Cute Dork

image:©️ Singularity

sometimes disappears for a year

Ex-Developer from 1.11 (?). Fun Fact: Randomly stumbled on the server years back and knew how command blocks worked. Made some cool command block creations that led to the start of the custom things on the server today ^_^

Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe, but that's how i got two hypixel bans

And others!

xHexo, KelseyLXRawr, KottaWhiteFox, EngrishLINGLING, _8c, Collizma, Hansi, NeosLycan