Game rules

  • keepInventory is not enabled. You will lose your items upon death
  • doFireTick has been disabled to prevent griefing
  • playersSleepingPercentage has been set to 25, to allow players to skip nights without requiring everyone to sleep

Vanilla Tweaks

Crafting Tweaks

  • Unpackables
    • unpackable ice
  • Craftables
    • craftable bundles leather
    • craftable bundles rabbit hide
    • craftable coral blocks 2×2
  • More-blocks
    • more bricks
    • more trapdoors
    • more bark
    • more stairs
  • Quality-of-life
    • straight to shapeless
    • blackstone cobblestone
    • back to blocks
    • dropper to dispenser
    • universal dyeing

Download at Vanilla Tweaks


  • Mobs
    • Silence Mobs

Download at Vanilla Tweaks

Villager trading / Emeralds

  • Librarians’ book trades have been modified to require diamonds instead of emeralds.
  • Trade discounts have been limited to 30%
  • Vindicators and Evokers no longer drop emeralds

Breeding cap

There is a limit to how many entities you can breed in your area. It is not allowed to bypass this limit!
Note: This check for entities of the same type (You may have 32 sheeps and 32 pigs in the same area)!



  • Breaking the nether bedrock ceiling to access the nether roof is allowed
  • Building shulker farms is not allowed, until staff team has decided on a compromise to nerf / replace them