keepInventory: false
mobGriefing: true
playersSleepingPercentage: 25
doFireTick: false
maxEntityCramming: 25
doInsomnia: true (not final)



Villagers’ price discounts have been limited to 30% (price discounts can be caused by Curing, Hero of the Village, and trading).

Conversion chance

Villagers have a 50% conversion chance, regardless of the difficulty.

Raid farms

Evoker and vindicator to prevent emeralds from being AFK farmable.


We have made these changes to trading because we are not satisfied with the current vanilla system and think it’s OP and not fitting our server because we are gaining new players every day, who should be able to have fun by grinding their stuff themselves instead of buying it for a couple of diamonds from max out player.

World border

The world border started with a radius of 10.000 resulting in a 20.000 x 20.000 map. It will be increased when snapshots with new terrain generation release.

Mob spawning

To reduce lag we introduced a mechanic to reduce mob spawning during peak times. If you want to find out more information about the current mob spawning situation type /mobcap in-game. The green number will tell you the general mobcap (in this case 0.3), blue will tell you the mobcap of each individual spawn group (in this case creature has a mobcap of 0.5). To calculate the percentage of vanilla spawn rates of a specific group, it’s mobcap is multiplied with the global mobcap (in this case the mobcap for creature is 0.5 x 0.3 = 0.15 -> 15% of vanilla spawn rates.

Vanilla Tweaks

Vanilla Tweaks Crafting Tweaks
Version: 1.17

Quality of life

  • straight to shapeless
  • blackstone cobblestone
  • back to blocks
  • dropper to dispenser
  • universal dyeing


  • craftable bundles leather
  • craftable bundles rabbit hide
  • craftable coral blocks 2×2


  • unpackable ice

More blocks

  • more bricks
  • more trapdoors
  • more bark
  • more stairs


Shulker cloning, introduced in 20w45a, was reduced by 70% to make them rarer.