Minecraft 1.20 Survival Server: Features Unveiled


Minecraft 1.20 has arrived, bringing a plethora of new features and enhancements to the game. Kilocraft, a semi-vanilla survival server, is one of the few servers that have promptly updated to Minecraft 1.20, offering players an opportunity to experience these exciting additions. In this article, we will delve into the noteworthy features of Minecraft 1.20 that players can expect to encounter on Kilocraft, ensuring a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience.

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Encounter New Mobs: Sniffers and Camels

Kilocraft brings the newly introduced Sniffer mob and Camel mob to life in Minecraft 1.20. The Sniffer, the mob vote winner of Minecraft Live 2022, is a passive and friendly creature that sniffs the air and occasionally digs for seeds, producing Torchflower Seeds or Pitcher Pod items. These delightful creatures can be bred and tempted with Torchflower Seeds. Additionally, players can encounter Camels, which add a touch of authenticity to desert landscapes. With Kilocraft’s updated 1.20 version, players can interact with these new mobs, adding depth and excitement to their survival experience.

Two camels in a minecraft 1.20 desert village

Smithing Table Enhancements and Armor Trimming

Kilocraft ensures that players can make the most of the redesigned Smithing Table in Minecraft 1.20. The server introduces the armor trimming system, allowing players to visually customize their armor. By utilizing Smithing Template items, players can modify the appearance of their armor pieces, adding a personal touch to their character’s style. Furthermore, the crafting recipe for Netherite equipment has been altered, offering a new way to obtain this powerful gear. With Kilocraft’s commitment to incorporating the latest features, players can fully explore the enhanced Smithing Table mechanics.

Armor trims on the 1.20 survival minecraft server kilocraft

Immersive Biomes and Blocks

Kilocraft capitalizes on the new biomes and blocks introduced in Minecraft 1.20. The Cherry Grove biome, Bamboo Wood Set, and Chiseled Bookshelf block are just a few examples of the additions that players can expect to encounter on the server. The Cherry Grove biome, with its unique Cherry Wood Set, adds a vibrant and picturesque landscape to explore and build within. Additionally, hanging signs and improved customization options for signs enhance the aesthetics and functionality of player creations. Kilocraft ensures that players can enjoy the full range of immersive biomes and blocks available in Minecraft 1.20.

A small minecraft survival 1.20 house build with the new cherry wood set on a server

Unearth the World of Archaeology

Archaeology is a captivating addition to Minecraft 1.20, and Kilocraft fully embraces this feature. With the introduction of the craftable Brush item, players can uncover ancient artifacts buried deep within the game world. Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel blocks, found in various structures such as Desert Temples and Ocean Ruins, hold hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. By using the Brush on these blocks, players can extract objects, including Pottery Sherds, which are unique items with intriguing pictures on them. Kilocraft provides the ideal environment to explore the exciting world of Archaeology and unravel its mysteries.

A pot, bookshelfs next to a desert pyramid with suspicious sand being explored

Conclusion: Minecraft 1.20 Survival Server

As Minecraft enthusiasts embrace the exciting new features of Minecraft 1.20, Kilocraft stands out as the premier survival server that has promptly updated to this version. With a focus on Archaeology, the introduction of new mobs, enhanced Smithing Table mechanics, and immersive biomes and blocks, Kilocraft offers a captivating and engaging gameplay experience. Join the adventure today by connecting to the Kilocraft Survival Server using the IP address 50kilo.org (Click to copy!). Embark on a thrilling journey in the world of Minecraft 1.20, where new discoveries await at every turn. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the vast possibilities that Kilocraft’s updated 1.20 version has to offer.

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